Drive around town and you’ll see that residential construction is absolutely booming around Cleveland.  As the quantity of vacant lots for sale continues to dwindle, the Schill Architecture team has been challenged with a new question,

“We want to build our dream house, but where?”

While it’s become increasingly common to purchase a “tear down” home – one in which buyers have no intention of keeping any portion of the structure – we’ve recently worked on several projects that involved knocking down the existing home above ground and salvaging foundations that are in good condition.  In this scenario, the Schill Architecture team designs a new home to rest on the existing foundation, with perhaps a spacious great room or sprawling master suite added on if the site is large enough.  This opportunity affords clients all of the desirable modern amenities in plan that may not be possible in a traditional home renovation, as well as total freedom in choosing the exterior style of the home.  In addition to giving clients more options in terms of layout and aesthetics, salvaging a well-maintained foundation can help alleviate some of the construction costs of the new home.

Check out one of our newest designs in Westlake that takes advantage of a new home-existing foundation design.  It can be hard to believe that two homes so different in exterior appearance can share the same foundation!