Start: 2014
Completion: 2015
Location: Westlake, OH

Drawing inspiration from its secluded location on a wooded lot adjacent to the Bradley Woods Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks, this modern farmhouse balances clean lines and rustic materials to give the home a cozy yet chic style. Through the careful application of exterior materials, the new structure is given the illusion that it has been standing on the lot for years. The contemporary white vertical siding applied to the main body of the home provides a stark contrast to the stone and cedar shake projections, allowing these areas to look like additions that have been gradually constructed over time.  All of the materials are united by a metal roof covering the entire home, which emphasizes the “farmhouse” style while simultaneously adding a modern touch to the otherwise traditional home.  In addition to the large windows located in nearly every room of the house, an expansive covered outdoor living space takes full advantage of the beautiful vistas of the Metroparks from the home.