A luxurious Catawba Island summer home designed by Schill Architecture has been featured in the March 2017 issue of the Cleveland Magazine.   Schill Architecture partnered with The House of L interior design firm to execute the stunning lakefront masterpiece, which effortlessly blends rustic elements with clean, nautical features.  The article, titled “Coast Along,” showcases the defining elements of the home’s design which include timber ceiling details, bright shiplap, traditional shaker cabinets and vivid hardwood floors that were reclaimed from different barns throughout the state of Ohio.  By contrasting the laid-back Catawba feel with polished design elements, the vacation home is given a timeless look that will withstand the longevity of time.


The interior and exterior design elements, though beautiful independently, work together to enhance the most spectacular feature on the site: the views of Lake Erie.  Schill Architecture took advantage of the size of the double lot to design waterfront vistas for every room while also providing ample space for the family of 6 to entertain guests and enjoy time together on weekend retreats.  The family’s desire for a “lodge” style waterfront home inspired the Schill Architecture team to get creative with the home’s exterior elevations to avoid creating a home that would be too “bulky” next to century-old summer homes.  By nestling the entire second floor into dormers, Schill Architecture designed a home that accommodates the expansive square footage while physically taking on the quaint character of the Catawba community.


This sprawling Lake Erie vacation home is one of many successful collaborations between Schill Architecture and The House of L.   Steve Schill and Libby Palmieri often work together during schematic design phases before construction begins to plan for feature design elements and ensure that all spaces are both functional and beautiful for the client.